About ...

I started to show interest in hi-fi technology very early in life. I acquired my first knowledge by trial and error.  When I was fifteen I modified my first turntable - it was Telefunken. Later I started constructing at first two way and then three way compression loudspeakers based on Phillips loudspeakers.

I acquired more insight and knowledge at technical school. I learned from Dusko Dragovic, the man who in the 70’s used to write an excellent hi-fi column in Studio Magazine, as well as from Viktor Bradac, designer of hi-fi loudspeakers.

More serious projects started with the powerful and massive three way loudspeakers that used to be my pride at the university discotheque. Then I worked at the modification of Thorens turntables, models TD 145, TD 160 and TD 126. Model TD 160 was built in a non-resonant cabinet weighing 35 kilos. I modified turntable arms, grace G 707, G 727, Vestigal. I showed the greatest interest in the loudspeakers that were never up to my expectations, neither in the sense of sound quality nor design.

In 1982 I finished one of the series of projects with Dynaudio loudspeakers. It was a three way loudspeaker based on models 30W54, modified D-54, D-21. I noted the inadequate solutions with shallow horns in front of the membranes MF-A and HF-A. I substituted those with completely flat front plate by which I lost a little bit of efficiency but gained sound quality. After that I had several hi-fi projects based on Audax and Isophon components.

I founded N.N. Acoustics in Belgrade in 1985. At first it used to be a maintenance service for loudspeakers, hi-fi as well as studio monitors and PA systems manufactured by all major manufacturers selling on this market. Then I started developing and manufacturing spare parts for hi-fi loudspeakers – suspensions for woofers and mid speakers of 4 to 12”. Their quality soon found its way to other maintenance services that I started supplying. By order I started manufacturing high quality coils for passive crossovers wound on air, as well as complete crossovers, hi-fi, PA. I manufactured ABS  cores for coils in several dimensions. I supplied loudspeaker manufacturers and DIYs with finished coils. Then I started manufacturing PA split loudspeaker systems for musicians. The system was based on RCF L 15/P 540 LF in a separate cabinet and cabinet with RCF  L 12 P 520 mid woofer and RCF N 300 driver in RCF H 100 horn. LF-HF cabinet was type FR and in combination with the woofer unit you got a powerful three way system. The passive crossover was incorporated in the woofer unit, so that the smaller LF-HF cabinet connected to the woofer cabinet turned into a MF-HF cabinet. I completed this project in cooperation with eng. Dejan Karovic (Lola Audio), who, apart from Branimir Hodalic, gave me a generous contribution with his knowledge and experience.

Thousands of loudspeakers went through my hands. Those were the experiences of immeasurable value to me. There at the source I had the opportunity to have insight into designer’s effort to achieve the best solutions, as well as the opportunity to compare good and bad solutions. As a great lover of  music and quality sound and with almost two decades of experience, I decided to put my visions into effect. No compromise.