Clement Perry

Seldom have I witnessed this much love and enthusiasm over this beloved hobby as when I entered this room. Hand-built in Serbia, NN Acoustics' affordable ribbon based 2-way Xenia loudspeaker ($8k) is designed around the RAAL midrange/tweeter ribbon driver by Nenad Napijalo (photo above). The look, substantial feel and exquisite build quality had me guessing about three times its sticker price. After a short listen, I would have to consider this loudspeaker a steal. This of course must have something to do with fellow countryman Dragan Solaja's well executed electronics (second photo). With little information to go on except the amplifiers are said to be designed using digital power supplies, I was intrigued by the overall sound which was fast, articulate and very tuneful. I hope this RMAF serves as a promising and successful launch for such promising products and designers.