It is well known that you do not build a house starting from the roof, but rather from the foundation. Why do I begin the story of a loudspeaker with the tweeter unit? The reason is very simple. If it were not for that tweeter, we would not be able to distinguish if a tone of let us say 80 Hz has been played on piano or double bass. The reproduction harmonics, the finest details – they  depend on the tweeter. However small or however big your space, there is nothing to stop you from having the best possible reproduction of this spectrum.

My choice is RAAL true ribbon tweeter. This is the only tweeter that by its sound quality exceeds all known standards of today and gives a new dimension of sound reproduction. The usual problems with ribbon tweeters - low sensibility, poor vertical dispersion, low durability and limited dynamics – do not exist here. Listening to this spectacular tweeter makes you realize all of a sudden that there is a load of information on your music media that you haven’t heard before. You have fascinating dispersion, accuracy, dynamics and neutrality. It has extremely small movement mass  - 15 times smaller than the best classic dome tweeters, and several times greater radiating area.

N.N. Acoustics pays special attention to construction, rigidness and non-resonance of the walls of the cabinets. Inside, the cabinets are lined with layers of CERARD - sandwitch structure consists of the ceramics and special inert bonding material. This method of construction assures great inertness of the system and acoustically completely neutral cabinet. The reproduction of bass and mid range is extremely natural, neutrally clear, stable, defined, without  negative influence of the cabinet.

For all gluing together of wooden sides and segments, as well as for manual piecing together of exotic veneer, only top quality proffesional glue is used. The most delicate part – sanding the glued veneer, is done by hand in several layers and with utmost care. Several coats of varnish are applied manually, 24 hours have to elapse before another coat is applied. Final waxing and polishing are also done by hand in several layers.

The crossovers are firmly wired, built in the separate compartments (depending on model) away from the speaker units. Coils are air-core, with value tolerance less than 1.0 percent.

The resistors are non-inductive, formed in the high power groups, to eliminate heating when the system is working on high power and for very fine tuning – it is practically a resistor with variable values.