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Elegantly shaped and designed, HI END entry level bookshelf loudspeaker. 
Handmade with the utmost attention paid to the smallest detail of the construction and finish. Paneled in natural veneer and treated with the highest quality oils and waxes.

The remarkably natural and open  sound will not leave you unimpressed.  Due to remarkable  horizontally dispersion in the full listening range, the sound picture is exceptionally wide.

Exceptional tone balance with plenty of details that you were not able to hear before from such a small speaker.  Fantastic transient response  contributes to even less distortion.

The elements of the  passive crossovers are high quality, matched and having the lowest tolerances.

Hand made to last and awaken your emotions.


Type bookshelf or stand mount, two way bass-reflex
Impedance 6 ohm
Sensitivity 88 db / w / m
  • H : 90 deg / -6 db / 20 Khz
  • V : 25 deg / -6 db / 20 Khz
Suggested position near to mid field  
LF unit 5,5 inch mid-bass, treated paper cone
HF unit Raal true ribbon (custom)
Cross-over 2,5 k,  hard wiring,  lead free soldering,  air-core coils,  tolerances < 3%,
polypropylene, polyester audio capacitors, non-inductive resistors
Internal wiring VDH
Binding posts single pair
Dimensions (H*W*D) 30 cm including feet*   18 cm*   23,6cm
Weight 6 kg
Cabinet - MDF 19 mm
Finish - natural veneer walnut, oils and hard wax