Model Masterpiece
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Unique by many things, a loudspeaker that gives you wide, open, warm sound. It is completely handmade from the highest quality solid walnut, solid rosewood and beech plywood.

Due to the perfect shape of the cabinet, to the support skeleton and the CERARD structure, the extraordinary inertness of the cabinet has been achieved thus giving the defined and natural bass and mid range.

High efficiency paired with true ribbon super tweeter with remarkable vertical and horizontal dispersion, amazing low end from 15 inch LF unit and extremly wide sound stage puts this loudspeaker in the class of its own.

One more advantage is the system of bass reflex tubes which are done in the same way as in a telescope. The tuning can be adjusted according to the liking and the space of the user.

Passive crossovers are built into separate compartments away from the speaker units. Special core coils for the bass speaker unit have the resistance adding up to one hundredth part of the DC resistance of the loudspeaker (0.048 ohm). This amazingly low resistance allows for the maximum control of the bass membrane by the amplifier thus sustaining the damping factor.  These coils also enable very low distortion and preservation of the original dynamics. They are extremely expensive, but the sonic results justify the cost entirely.

The other elements of the passive crossovers are of the highest possible quality as well, matched and having the lowest tolerances.

The loudspeaker cabinet has been treated with oils in five layers and waxes in three layers. This final treatment permits to keep the natural beauty and structure of the wood.

Although its dimensions make it a big loudspeaker, its shape makes it very elegant and pleasing to the eye if placed in the proper space.


Type Floor-stand, two way bass reflex + super tweeter
Impedance 8 ohm
Sensitivity 95 db / w / m
  • H : 90 deg / - 6 db / 20 Khz,
  • V : 50 deg / - 6 db / 20 Khz,
Tannoy DC center 91,5 cm
LF, HF unit Tannoy  DC 15 inch (modified)
Super tweeter Raal true ribbon (custom)
Cross-over In separate chamber
1.1K / 10K, hard wiring , lead free soldering, hand wound special ring core coils for LF,(extremely low resistance - 1/100 Rdc LF UNIT, TOL. < 1 %),
hand wound air-core coils, tol. < 1 %,
Polypropylene capacitors, non inductive high power resistor group
Internal wiring VDH
Binding posts Bi-wiring + ground terminal
Dimensions (H*W*D) 136 cm * 52 cm * 71 cm
Weight 160 kg / each + case
  • Skeleton - premium class beech plywood 20 mm
  • Sides - first class solid walnut 37 mm, rosewood
  • Top, front lining - 30 mm Cerard
  • Sides lining -14 mm, sides overall thickness 52 mm
  • Finish -  oils and hard wax ( silky shine)