Model Rubycon
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Elegantly shaped and designed, compact floor standing loudspeaker that does not succumb to the latest trends.

Handmade with the utmost attention paid to the smallest detail of the construction and finish. Paneled in natural veneer and treated with the highest quality oils and waxes.

The remarkably natural and open  sound will not leave you unimpressed. The unique true ribbon tweeter without even the shallowest horn in front of the  ribbon, has much wider bandwidth especially in the lower area, compared to competition. Due to remarkable dispersion vertically and horizontally in the full listening range, the sound picture is exceptionally wide. You can walk around the room, the loss of the highest tones will be barely noticeable. One more advantage is the possibility of adjusting the radiation angle to the space and positioning of the loudspeakers. Crystal clear, defined and non aggressive bass, mid  range, due to the special  method  of cabinet resonance  elimination.  With above  average efficiency, suitable for tube amplifiers.

Exceptional tone balance with plenty of details that you were not able to hear before. Fantastic transient response  contributes to even less distortion.

The elements of the  passive crossovers are of the highest possible quality, matched and having the lowest tolerances.

The granite base is not there only for the appearance but has its function as well – the lowering of the gravity centre of the cabinet and more balanced distribution of mass.

Hand made to last and awaken your emotions.


Type Floor-stand, two way bass reflex
Impedance 8 ohm
Sensitivity 90 db / w / m
  • H : 100 deg / -6 db / 20 Khz
  • V : 40 deg / -6 db / 20 Khz
Ribbon Center 88 cm
LF unit Focal 8 inch (modified)
HF unit Raal true ribbon (custom)
Cross-over 1.6k, hard wiring, lead free soldering, air-core coils, tolerances < 1 %,
polypropylene capacitors, non inductive high power resistor group
Internal wiring VDH
Binding posts Single pair
Dimensions (H*W*D) 104 cm * 24 cm * 29 cm
Weight 46 kg / each + packing
  • Premium class beech plywood 20 mm + internal braceing
  • LiningCerard -  sides overall thickness 40-50mm
  • Finish - natural veneer walnut, oils and hard wax
  • Base - First class italian black granite 20mm