Model Xenia
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This model of loudspeakers has been designed with the desire of N.N. Acoustics production to come even closer to its ideal – music. The main idea was to keep all the advantages of the well recognized concept of N.N. Acoustics. Like our other models, Xenia does not succumb to any trends. Every single detail has been designed with commitment to music.

Here we have the well known RAAL ribbon driver which has surely become very popular around the world and very quickly too, due to its superb sound picture compared to competition.

The choice of the 8” mid bass speaker unit proved to be very difficult because of our uncompromising and ultimate demands. After a lot of searching we opted for a well known manufacturer of custom made components. “Audio Technology” was the only one to accept this challenge. Mr. Per Skaaning gave us exactly what we wanted. He made an extremely fast, precise and above all musical 8” mid bass, capable of supporting the RAAL ribbon driver. Although the cost was higher than the other solutions, we got optimal value for the money.

One of the significant improvements is introducing “time alignment”. The tape of the ribbon driver placed in a separate compartment is aligned with the coil of the flex mid bass in the time domain, which can certainly be heard. The sound picture is even more complete, as if the sound is coming from the spotted source.

The improvements did not end here. The quality of the cabinet had to match these demanding components. The classic parallelepiped construction was out of the question. The cabinet had to be extremely rigid. The broken shape of the base of the cabinet is pretty rigid by itself. The bracing was done in such a way to provide additional rigidness and homogeneity of the cabinet. Such a cabinet is very difficult to manufacture. The use of CNC is minimal. Assembling and gluing together of the panels of the cabinet is done manually. The cutting, placing and gluing of ceramic tiles inside the cabinet is done manually as well. The three and four layered “CERARD” sandwich is a powerful resonance absorber. 30 mm of “CERARD” is equivalent to 60 mm to 80 mm of MDF. The assembling and gluing of the baffle is done when the “CERARD” structure is completely dry in the cabinet and on the baffle itself. The weight of over 70 kg per loudspeaker with only 40 liter volume speaks for itself.

N.N. Acoustics boasts of using only natural materials for finishing the cabinets. The cabinets lined with veneer and treated with oils and waxes keep all their beauty and uniqueness. The veneer is real wood and it makes the atmosphere for all human senses to feel it. The warmness of the wooden surface provokes a healthy feeling and has positive effect on the space.

The gluing, pressing and sanding of the veneer presents the most delicate part of the production process. This phase can be done only by very skillful hands. With this kind of shape, the pressing of the glued veneer can only be done manually, as well as applying 10 layers of oils and waxes.

Xenia is intended for true enjoyment of music and natural materials.



Type Time alignment, floor-stand, two way, bass reflex
Impedance 4 ohm
Sensitivity 90 db / w / m
  • H : 100 deg / - 6 db / 20 Khz
  • V : 40 deg / - 6 db / 20 Khz
Ribbon Center 106 cm
LF unit Audio technology  8 inch (custom)  
HF unit Raal true ribbon (custom)
Cross-over In separate chamber
1.8 Khz,  hard wiring , lead free soldering,
hand wound air - core coils, tolerances <1%,
Polypropylene capacitors,non inductive
high power resistor group
Internal wiring VDH
Binding posts WBT  signature, single pair
Dimensions (H*W*D)
  • 117.5 cm * 34 cm * 48 cm (pedestal)
  • 117.5 cm + 31.8 cm * 46 cm (cabinet)
Weight 75 kg / each + packing
Cabinet - MDF 19 mm + internal braceing,
Lining - Cerard  sides overal thick. 40 –  50 mm,
Finish - natural veneer INDIA PALISANDER,
oils and hard wax,
Pedestal - MDF 38 mm, veneer dimmed
INDIA PALISANDER, oils and hard wax.