Gerner Christensen,
Sunday, 21 September, 2008 13:01:12

No don't mistake me becoming a reviewer of audiophile equipment, I am not.

But but but..It always touch me when I hear good things and I want to share those impressions with you.

Nenad is also one of my great companions here in Serbia who seeks the Holy Grail from a different angle than Aleks who I wrote about yesterday.

He just finished the two way speaker he will present at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest together with Dragan Solaja (http://www.solajaaudio.com/) whos new Grand Excellent pre amp. will harvest applause from the audience and which amplifier I just bought from him. No the amp. is not shown at the homepage yet.

However I must say that Nenad is a totally dedicated "finish freak" that shows in his speaker cabinets of which beauty and quality is rare nowadays.

It is of such high quality and beauty that it can stand microscope photos and show no flaws.

His newborn two way speaker, even it's not that big, however weigh > 75 kg each du to his techniques asphalting ceramic sandwich structure into the cabinet to make it absolutely dead. Very very dead.

In this way you are allowed only to hear what the transducers are able to tell you. Nothing else.

His speakers comprises a top notch ribbon from Aleks and a customized 8" driver from Per Skaaning in Denmark. I think you know him all of you.

Due to the fact that the speaker has it's rocket nose rounded surface which cannot add sharp corner diffraction from the cabinet, the sound radiates a clear 3 dimensional sound stage that is rare to hear.

The tone balance is tuned to be neutral and the resolution is as well top notch.

The first that stroke me was their ability to growl very deep down into the subfrequencies which normally you find only in much much bigger systems. From down there and straight up to 40 KHz it's just reflects nice mellow sound which I think to most peoples taste is just what they want.

Of course this is an cause of the extremely made cabinet and the use of the best drivers available nowadays. Filtering is done according to my cookbook so no phase disturbances appear. They sound like two-way one-way system full range system. Very pleasant and relaxing for long term listening sessions.

I believe that Nenad shall have big success with those speakers as they are so good allrounders that fall into many peoples taste.

That they will have the worlds best finish is just making the wife acceptance factor very big.

Congrats to Nenad too with his newbie babies and all good hopes for worldwide success with those. He and they deserve it.